You've reached Dilanka.

Dilanka is all about changing the world one piece of advice at a time. When not enlightening the masses with his unique take on all things human, you might find him reading a book on a Grecian isle, dropping pennies off the Empire State Building or playing backgammon with the elderly at convalescent homes around Wisconsin. An avid traveler, he never stays in one locale long enough for his reputation to catch up to him.

Dilanka maintains a healthy lifestyle by avoiding judges, policemen, and angry husbands. He is the envy of every straight man on the street, not only for his confident stride and perfectly trimmed side burns, but, because of the gorgeous woman on his arm. He loves to tell people that he fell in love with her personality until he found out it was all prosthetic - Then he stuck around to enjoy the view.

Dilanka is his own boss and his only employee, which explains why he’s never been fired. He dreams big, climbs high, and maximizes his time and freedom to do both.

When Dilanka is not sharing his thoughts on anything from practical philosophy to reducing flatulence, he plays with his sugar gliders and advises the russian mafia on important matters.

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